All students, faculty, and staff are issued a University of New Haven Campus Card. The card includes the following features: picture ID, 16 digit ISO number, proximity chip, access to online and in-house University of New Haven library services, and optional paid access to dining, vending, and third party vendor services.  All students are required to have a current Campus Card and must keep the card with them when on campus to identify themselves as a member of the University of New Haven community. Some events may require ID to be displayed to gain entry.  Once issued, the card is valid for 4 years or until you leave the University. Upon leaving the University the card must be returned.

Your card is issued at no charge; however, the lost card replacement cost is $20. Lost cards will be replaced by the Campus Card Office in the Campus Bookstore. Make lost card payment at the Campus Card Office using Charger Cash. You can add twenty dollars to your Charger Cash using Visa or Master Card by logging in here

First-year and transfer students are photographed for their Campus Card during SOAR (Student Orientation and Registration).  Students are now being offered the opportunity to submit their initial photo online, provided it meets specific requirements.  Cards are issued at the beginning of the Fall semester for those students.  Other incoming undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff, are issued throughout the year as needed. 

If Charger Cash has been added to the card, it can be used to make purchases at the University of New Haven Bookstore, the Post Office in Maxcy Hall, and a number of local businesses including Subway, CVS, 7-Eleven, Dunkin Donuts and other locations.

Your card should be treated as a debit card- if you lose secure possession of the card, report it immediately. The university is not responsible for funds lost as a result of the loss of your card.

If the card is lost, login to eAccounts and deactivate your card immediately or report the loss to the Campus Card office during business hours (203) 932-8324, option 3.