Refund Policy

  • Refund Policy and Process for Overpayment on a Student Account

    The type of credit on a students' account will determine the method of initiating the refund and the length of time for a student to receive their refund.

    If a student has a Title IV (federal financial aid) credit on their account then a refund will be processed automatically within 14 days of the funds posting to a student’s account.

    If the credit on a students' account is not a Title IV credit then the student must complete a Refund Request Form.

  • Types of Credit Balances and How Refund Will Be Processed

    Credit Card Refunds

    If a refund is due and the original payment was made by credit card, the University of New Haven will credit back the card that was used for the original transaction. A refund check will not be issued.

    Overpayment through Wire Transfers

    Any excess funds that are wired to a student’s account will not be refunded to the student. Excess funds generated from a wire transfer will remain on the student account and used towards a future bill. If a student does not return to the University of New Haven, a refund will be processed by wiring funds back to the source of the initial wire payment.

    Federal Parent Plus Loan Credit

    Per federal regulation, a refund is issued to a PLUS loan borrower if an overpayment exists at the time all financial aid credits are applied to an account. Refunds will be issued to the student only if a parent requests it on the PLUS application.

    Cash and Check Refunds

    Cash, money order or certified check require three (3) business days to process. If a refund is due and the original payment was made by personal check, there is a ten (10) business day waiting period from the date your check was processed by the University, then three (3) business days.

  • Receiving Your Refund Check

    Students enrolled in programs should monitor their ePay account. When a transaction appears on the student’s account that says "Student Refund", the refund will be available the next business day after 1pm.

    Direct deposit for refunds is strongly suggested. The student can sign up for direct deposit through ePay to have refunds sent to their checking or savings account.

    Paper checks can be picked up in the Bursar’s Office. A valid picture ID is required. It is advisable to call the office first to verify that your check is available if you are traveling to campus for the sole purpose of picking up your refund check. If a refund is not picked up after 3 business days it will be mailed to the student’s mailing address in Banner. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the address is correct.

    Please note the following important items concerning the processing of refunds:

    • Checks will always be held to be picked up by the recipient unless the recipient has specifically requested that the refund check be mailed. Please note that we are unable to mail checks by any means other than first class mail through the United States Postal Service. In addition, we will not release a refund check to a third party without the written consent of the payee.
    • The University of New Haven will not stop payment and reissue a replacement check for at least 30 days after the original check is issued. If you are requesting that a check be mailed to you, please be sure to provide a complete address to facilitate delivery. In the event that a check is lost or misplaced, a replacement check will be issued after the 30 day waiting period. Please note, there is a $20 fee for stopping payment on a refund check or re-issuing a check if the refund check is lost or misplaced.
    • Refund checks from excess loan funds cannot be canceled and returned to your lender beyond 45 days from the date the refund check was issued to you.
  • Refund Policy Due to Withdrawal or Dropping from Courses

    Tuition may be refunded in full when a class is closed, full, canceled or when the university rejects the enrollment application. If a student chooses to drop or withdraw from a course, tuition and other institutional charges will be refunded in accordance with the following schedule:

    Withdrawing from or Dropping Undergraduate/Graduate Courses

    Percent of Refund  Date of Withdrawal
    100% Before course begins
    80% 1st week of semester
    60% 2nd week of semester
    40% 3rd week of semester
    20% 4th week of semester

    *Please note room and meal plan charges are also prorated as outlined above.

  • Withdrawing from or Dropping Summer and Intersession Courses
    Percent of Refund Date of Withdrawal
    100% Before first class meeting
    50% After first class meeting
    0% After the first week of classes
  • Withdrawing from or Dropping Online Programs
    Percent of Refund Date of Withdrawal
    100% Before 11:59 p.m. on the begin date of the course
    50% Before 11:59 p.m. two days after the begin date of the course
    0% After 11:59 p.m. two days after the begin date of the course

    *Important note regarding Title IV funds*

    Withdrawal from classes may require the return of Title IV funds. Please review the policy regarding the return of Title IV funds which is located on the financial aid website.

    University of New Haven abides by state and federal consumer protection laws. In states that have a Consumer Right-of-Cancellation Law, the University honors the state laws as they apply to application fees and/or tuition. Click here for further information regarding the state regulated refund policy for students who reside in Maryland or Wisconsin.

  • Tuition Appeal Process

    If you feel that you have an extenuating circumstance that justifies an exception to the University of New Haven refund policy, you may submit an appeal and it will be reviewed by the Tuition Appeals Committee. If you wish to appeal the assessment of charges on your account, click here to complete the Tuition Appeal Form. Please follow the instructions on the form in order for your request to be reviewed by the appeal committee. The appeals committee (comprised of representatives from various departments on campus) meets every other week to review student appeals. You will receive an email response to your appeal within ten business days of your appeal being reviewed.