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Free Strategy and Information Workshops

Our GRE/GMAT Free Strategy and Information Workshops provide valuable information about preparing for the GRE or GMAT exam in an easy to follow format. These workshops are designed to give general information about the GRE/GMAT, study tips, and examples of typical GRE/GMAT exam questions. You will also have an opportunity to walk through several sample exam questions and ask our expert any questions you may have. Whether you are planning to take a GRE or GMAT Test Prep Course or plan to study on your own, the GRE/GMAT Free Strategy and Information Workshop is a perfect place to begin your preparation.

University Test Prep offers FREE GRE/GMAT Strategy and Information Workshops each semester. Presented in an easy to follow format, these workshops are designed to give the test taker general tips on how to approach the exam and provides comprehensive information about the registration, examination process, and practice questions. All workshops are free and open to the general public and University community. We'll provide to you at the workshop:

  • Expert Instructor
  • Study Materials
  • Tricks and Trips
  • Plan for success

2015 Free Workshops Schedule

There are no currently scheduled workshops at this time.