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UNH Green Team

The UNH Green Team is an environmental awareness club that works to promote green initiatives on and off campus. We try to involve all the students, faculty, and staff here at UNH to help everyone gain a better understanding of their environment and how everyone can help to make our Earth a better place. 

Green TeamThe Green Team was established in 2009 by Sarah Hosford (President), Danielle Gorka (Vice President), Alex Alund (Treasurer), and Gabriella Sacchi (Executive Assistant). The goal and mission of the club has always been simply to promote environmental awareness and make our Earth an even better place to live.

The UNH Green Team is a club comprised of people who are passionate about the planet and ways of making it a cleaner place to live! Whether it be through beach, park, or campus clean-ups; providing students with recycling bins for their dorms; or by spreading information on ways to cut down on pollution and emissions, our club tries to make UNH more aware of the impacts (positive and negative) that we have on our environment. So please join us in our mission to keep UNH a greener place! 

The current executive board is formed by Michelle Murphy (President), Marissa Boyle (Vice President), Melissa Zorn (Treasurer), Patricia Oprea (Executive Assistant), and Aaron Danforth (Sargent At Arms). The current co-advisors are Amy Carlile, Assistant Professor of Marine Biology – Department of Biology and Environmental Science, and Jamie Slenker, Interior Design Program Coordinator, Lecturer of Interior Design and Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Our board members are leading the charge on a lot of new initiatives this year as well as keeping up with old traditions. We will be having the Acoustic Show, Recycle bin Decorating, and many more events that have been popular over the years.  Keep an eye out for the event dates and times this year on Charger Connection, in emails sent out from Students Activities or on flyers around campus.