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Get Involved in Sustainability at UNH

At the University of New Haven, there are several ways to get involved with sustainability initiatives on campus.  A range of different initiatives ensure cross campus engagement between staff, faculty, and students. 

Among the presence of student organizations, staff-led programs, as well as faculty-led research, UNH members can find numerous ways to contribute to campus and community sustainability projects.  Throughout the school year, there is also a plethora of interesting and exciting events, such as guest speakers, sponsored excursions, artistic endeavors, and fun competitions. 

Many of the above mentioned events are organized and hosted by students from the UNH Green Team or the USGA Sustainability Committee.  These two student organizations provide many excellent opportunities for students to get involved in sustainability initiatives at UNH.   

Sustainability research and campus programs are also an active part of UNH’s initiatives.  Several faculty members are leading research that relates directly to sustainability and offer positions for student interns.  To find out more about faculty-led research at UNH, please contact Dr. “Jon” Can B. Aktas at or Dr. Amy Thompson at

The staff-led campus programs also offer opportunities for staff, faculty, and students to work together on sustainability initiatives.  Some of these initiatives include campus recycling, green printing, and transportation alternatives such as the Zipcar and shuttle options.  

  1. Who to Contact

    Faculty Researchers 
    Dr. “Jon” Can B. Aktas

    UNH Facilities Department  
    Lou Annino