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Academic Projects Related to Sustainability

Carbon Footprint Calculation Project:

In the fall of 2008, the University of New Haven decided it would be important to calculate its Carbon Footprint as one method to assess campus sustainability. Sodexo’s partner, The Loyalton Company, offered to create a preliminary and baseline carbon footprint for the University for fiscal year 2008-2009, and delivered that footprint to the University of New Haven in the fall of 2009. During the summer of 2010, Civil Engineering junior, Matt Altonji, validated the footprint as part of his summer undergraduate research (SURF) project. The carbon footprint report is based upon Loyalton’s initial findings and adjustments made by Matt Altonji under the direction of Amy Thompson, Assistant Professor of System Engineering in the Tagliatela College of Engineering.

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Tree Turbine Project:

Inspired by an article in the New York Times about wind power in New England, Joseph Smolinski began the Tree Turbine project, because research clearly shows that wind generated electricity is a clean sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. The use of cellular tower "trees" motivated him to build a spinning Tree Turbine that would generate usable electricity and camouflage into the landscape.  With help from the University of New Haven's Tagliatela College of Engineering and College of Arts and Sciences his idea became a reality. 

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