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Cynthia Kohan ’97 M.S.

Why Give?

Lifelong New Haven area resident Cynthia Kohan is an infection control practitioner at Yale-New Haven Hospital, where she has worked since 1980. She came to UNH in the 1990s to pursue her longstanding personal goal of earning a graduate degree in health care management.

What Matters:

When Cynthia’s son, Tim, began looking at programs in music and sound recording, Cynthia says she was “surprised to find such a good program right here at UNH.” With Tim also involved in the marching band and other musical activities, Cynthia has found herself spending more time on campus. And, she says, she was astonished to find how much the campus has changed since she was working on her master’s degree. 

Why She Gives:

“When I attended classes at UNH, it was a much smaller campus than it is today, but it was always a solid school with solid degree programs,” says Cynthia, a member of the University’s Loyal Engaged Annual Donor (LEAD) society. “After Tim enrolled here, we decided it was important to support the University,” she says. “Lots of local kids from all over Greater New Haven got their education there. They were here when I was going to school, and they are still here. That’s why I contribute – to help out local kids like my son.”