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Peer Educators

Peer Educators are students that have elected for specific training to work as an information resource to other students on campus concerning a wide range of issues involving violence and abuse. Their mission is to spread awareness, give information, and most importantly provide options on how to move forward with an issue.

  1. What We Do

    Having been trained on the topics of sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, and stalking, Peer Educators coordinate the Bringing in the Bystander presentation to incoming freshman at the beginning of their fall semester.

    Peer Educators coordinate and organize programming with the Violence Prevention and Intervention Faculty Staff throughout the year to spread awareness.

    Most importantly, Peer Educators staff the Violence Prevention and Intervention Center (VPIC) during the week to be available to talk in a safe and comfortable environment.

  2. Who We Are

    Peer Educators are all UNH students with a variety of majors and personalities, united by the common goal of reducing rates of violence, sexual assault, harassment, rape, dating violence and abuse, and stalking on campus. Trained to understand the statistics, available resources, and how to help someone handle a violence-related issue, these students are happy to listen and help however they can. Peer Educators have classes, labs, jobs, enjoy going out with friends, and are basically normal students besides that they have been trained, given the knowledge to help, and have taken the initiative to want to help to be there for their community.