Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of The Office of Residential Life is to create a safe, supportive, inclusive and engaged living-learning community that enhances students' personal and academic success. Through collaboration with all members of the University of New Haven, we promote leadership and personal development by providing opportunities for students to create and implement a vision for their community and future.

Vision Statement

The Office of Residential Life will support the mission of the University of New Haven through a quality program that provides educationally purposeful programming, initiatives and leadership opportunities that promote student growth, independence and persistence at the University.

To Fulfill The Office of Residential Life Mission We...

Will support the University's mission and values; and challenge students to apply these ideals to their own lives. 

Will promote academic success and personal development through partnerships with students to create a comfortable and supportive living environment. 

Will nurture a cohesive and respectful residential community where all members will strive to engage in open and honest dialogue. 

Will assist and support students in their transition to a more independent and self-directed living environment through our intentional programming and publication efforts.