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Report It! Don't Ignore It! - Reporting Options

Report It, Don't Ignore ItIn order to assist the reporting process and to ensure the most appropriate response to your report, please utilize the following chart to determine which reporting option fits your needs.

In all cases, if you believe there is an immediate or ongoing threat to the safety of an individual or campus community, call 911. Otherwise, simply fill out and submit the appropriate form.

Crime Report
Use if you need to report that you have witnessed a crime, or if you know of a crime that was committed or will be committed.

Please note this reporting option is NOT intended for crimes or for emergencies in progress. If you believe there is an immediate or ongoing threat to the safety of an individual or campus community, call 911.

Otherwise, simply fill out and submit the form. A member of the University of New Haven Police Department will investigate the information provided.
  • If you are a Campus Security Authority (CSA), you must include your name and contact information in the event follow-up is needed. The purpose of this form is to provide information to the University Police Department for the determination of a Timely Warning, Emergency Notification, and to provide federally required data for the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. Other members of the campus community may choose to complete this form anonymously.
  • Example: You recently learned that a student in your class missed their final exam because they were the victim of a robbery on campus. You would utilize the crime reporting form to inform UNH PD that this crime took place on campus.

Click Here to Start a Crime Report

Behavioral Intervention Report
Use if you have a concern about a student engaging in disruptive, threatening or violent behavior.

If you believe there is an immediate or ongoing threat to the safety of an individual or campus community, call 911.

Otherwise, simply fill out and submit the form.: The University of New Haven is committed to maintaining a healthy, safe and secure campus environment, free of intimidation and harm. The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) serves as a centralized point for referrals of students or community members of concern. If you notice behaviors or activities that you feel may pose a risk to the health or safety of our community, let us know about it by completing our online reporting form. If you do not believe the student or community member is an immediate threat and would like to report the concerning behavior, complete the report form. If your instinct or gut feeling tells you something is wrong, trust it. Report it, don't ignore it!
  • By completing this form, you are notifying the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) of your concern in an effort to keep our students and university community safe.
  • Signs of concerning behavior include, but are not limited to: Disorderly or significantly disruptive behavior; Verbal or written aggression (uncontrollable anger, hostility, frustration); Unusual behavior or sudden/drastic change in demeanor; Communicating or implying intent to harm self or others; Destructive behavior or property damage; Stalking behavior; Acts of violence (pushing, assaulting, hitting another person); and, Possessing a weapon (firearm, facsimile weapon, guns, knives, switchblades, swords, etc.).
  • Example: Your roommate recently began talking about their desire to hurt other people, and you are concerned because these comments have gotten more frequent and seem to be more violent each time. You would utilize the Behavioral Intervention Reporting Form to advise the BIT team that this student may need additional support, and may pose a risk to their own or others safety.
  • More Examples: Click here for a list of common behaviors that can be differentiated, although overlap may occur. This model provides a framework to help educate the difference between behavioral management and more serious and dangerous behaviors.

Click Here to Start a Behavioral Intervention Report

Bias Incident Report
Use if you have witnessed or are the target of a bias motivated incident.

If you have an immediate safety concern for yourself, or you feel the student/community member needs medical attention or poses an immediate threat to themselves or others, please contact Campus Police at 203-932-7070 or call 911.

Otherwise, simply fill out and submit the form via the link below.
  • A Bias Motivated Incident is any behavior which involves an expression of hostility against the person or property of others because of traits related to their race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age, or physical or mental ability, including learning and/or developmental disabilities and past/present history of mental disorder or other category protected by state or federal law.
    • Example: You’ve heard a student in your classroom make multiple rude/disrespectful comments about a fellow classmate’s learning disability. Although you asked this classmate to be respectful, you feel his behavior is harassing your peer. You would utilize the Bias Incident Reporting Form to advise the Dean of Students Office that this student is engaging in harassing behaviors, and violating our University standards.
    • For more information on Bias Related Definitions, please visit this page.

Click Here to Start a Bias Incident Report

I'm Not Sure Which Form To Use
Read these instructions if you're unclear on which form to fill out.

If you believe there is an immediate or ongoing threat to the safety of an individual or campus community, call 911.

All reports will be considered and directed to the appropriate resources regardless of the form utilized by the reporter. Therefore, we highly encourage all community members to use the form they feel most comfortable completing in instances where the incident may not clearly fall within the above categories. You may also contact the Dean of Students Office at (203) 932.7432 or for assistance if you are unclear about the form you should use.