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Vehicle Use Policy

University of New Haven faculty, staff, and students that operate University-provided transportation or their personal vehicle to transport others to university activities or business are required to adhere to the University’s Vehicle Use Policy.  This policy is in effect to ensure the safety of all members of our university community as they travel to and from the many university-sponsored events and activities that are offered.

This Administrative Policy sets forth the basic requirements and procedures for driving a University vehicle that is owned, rented or leased in connection with University related business or sponsored activities; or using personally owned vehicles in connection with University-related business or sponsored activities; for safely operating a University vehicle; for appropriate use of  a University vehicle for personal reasons; and for reporting accidents and damage. The term “University vehicle” includes automobiles such as passenger cars, pick-up trucks, passenger vans (12 passenger maximum), utility vehicles and golf carts, but not commercial vehicles.


Failure to comply with this University Policy, as with any University policy, may result in appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment consistent with the University’s applicable policies and procedures.

For more information on becoming an authorized driver, please contact Julie Carbonella ext 7013 or .

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