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Safety Committee

The University of New Haven's Safety Committee is comprised of students, staff from a wide range of University departments and is chaired by the Associate Vice President of Public Safety & Administrative Services. The Safety Committee meets regularly to address environmental, health, safety and risk topics at the University of New Haven and works to identify ways to improve safety on the campus.

For questions regarding the University of New Haven's safety committee please contact Paula Daisey at (203) 932-7199 or by e-mail at

Safety Committee Members:

Louis Annino Jr.
Ronald Quagliani
Neil Chamberland
Mark DeLieto
Donald Parker
Jennifer Passaretti
Peter Massey
Michele Berman
Paula Cappuccia
Karen Cifaldi
Matthew Carroll
Penny Pecka
Mario Pierce
Norma Hollender-Celico
Damian Mercado
Matthew Teeter
Donovan Linder
Akash Shetty
Donald Parker
Nicole McGrath
Adam Brown

Christopher Reed
Richard Rutherford
Paula Daisey
Corinne Johnson
Marc Maniatis
Mark Sylvester
USGA Representative
GSC Representative