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Campus Environmental, Health, and Fire Safety

The Department of Public Safety employs a comprehensive Environmental, Health and Fire Safety program which is responsible for maintaining and enforcing consistent standards of program quality and safety throughout all University of New Haven campuses.

Staffed by a Connecticut state certified Fire Marshal and supplemented by subject matter experts in enterprise waste management and environmental services, the Environmental Health and Safety program provides professional advice to campus departments on all aspects of environmental, health and life safety.

The goal of the Environmental Health and Safety program is to maintain and constantly strive to improve the safety and well-being of the students, faculty/staff, and visitors to our University of New Haven campuses.

The campus Fire Marshal is the authority having jurisdiction on fire-safety programming and life-safety issues for the University of New Haven campuses. The duties of the Fire Marshall include conducting routine inspections of campus buildings and addressing both fire and life safety concerns and questions.

The Fire Marshal is in direct communication and collaboration with the local jurisdictional Fire Marshal on a consistent basis in reviewing documents for new construction, campus fire safety initiatives, remodeling/renovations and serves as a liaison to the local fire department regarding all fire safety matters.


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    Christopher J. Reed
    Director of Safety, Training & University Fire Marshal
    (203) 932-7010