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What to Do in Case of a Missing Person/Student


Missing Person - Any person who is reported missing to a law enforcement unit until the person is located or determined to be a voluntarily missing adult.  This also includes any child who is missing voluntarily or involuntarily, or under circumstances not conforming to his/her habits or behavior that may be in need of assistance per CGS Section 46b-120.

Missing Child - Any person who is under the age of eighteen years, whose temporary or permanent residence is in Connecticut or is believed to be in Connecticut, whose location has not been determined, and who has been reported as missing to a law enforcement agency CGS 29-1e(b)(1).

Evidence that a Missing Person is "At Risk" - "At Risk" includes, but is not limited to, the person missing being the victim of a crime or foul play, in need of medical attention, has no pattern or running away or disappearing, the victim of a parent/family abduction, or mentally impaired.

Anyone Reporting a Missing Person should:

  • Contact campus Police 203-932-7070

  • Give the dispatcher as much information as possible including: 

    • Last known location and time the person was seen

    • Description of person

    • Any other information that is requested if known

  1. Emergency Contact

    For Police, Fire or Medical Emergencies, dial 911 or the UNH Police Emergency number at 203-932-7070.

    When in doubt, in any emergency please call immediately.

    On campus, you can also use the emergency call boxes or red emergency phones in academic buildings.