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Jan. 13, 2014- Cell Phone Thefts


The following was issued by the West Haven Police Department:

FYI release to public. Spotted and gave a short chase to suspect. See below.

West Haven Police continue to warn residents, about recent Iphone thefts. Police are looking for a black female with braids, operating a newer model White Ford Mustang with the "Mustang" logo in black, displayed on the lower part of doors. This vehicle has displayed different out of state plates. Three incidents have been committed since December, throughout this city with the operator and vehicle description being similar. The operator stops a pedestrian asking for directions and the use of their Iphone to display the route, then flees with the phone. Yesterday an alert officer witnessed this vehicle stopped with a black female operator, speaking with a pedestrian. As the officer approached, the vehicle fled. The pedestrian later explained the operator was asking for directions and was actually holding the pedestrians Iphone as police approached.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact police, and as always use common sense, never handing your phone to anyone.


In regards to the below security advisory West Haven Police have reported a 3rd incident occurred on 1/19/13 and the victim was Notre Dame student:

Suspect description is the same
Method of operation (asking for directions) is the same
Vehicle used in this incident was a white 2door vehicle with black stripes and white lettering
All three incidents have occurred on Sundays
Similar incidents were reported to Yale PD in late November/early December

If you are approached by someone asking for directions advise them you are unfamiliar with the area, your cell phone does not have GPS mapping and walk away. If the person asking for directions fits the suspect description or you feel threatened in any way contact UNH Police or West Haven Police immediately.

In the past two weeks two UNH students have been the victim of cell phone thefts while walking on streets surrounding campus. A suspect drives up to the student asks for directions, when the victim looks up the address on a cell phone the thief asks the student to move closer so she can see the directions. When the victim moves closer the thief grabs the cell phone and drives away. 

Suspect description is a black female, mid-twenties, with braided hair, driving a blue 4 door Volkswagen.