Charlie's FastPass

Saturday, August 18, 2018

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Registration for Charlie's FastPass has closed.

This page is ONLY for students who will be registering for Charlie’s FastPass.

If you successfully register for Charlie’s FastPass, you will receive an email confirmation, plus a follow-up email closer to the date with details about Charlie's FastPass and the map.

Charlie's FastPass Details

  • You have one hour to move your items into your residence hall room on August 18.
  • Only the student and their family who registered for Charlie’s FastPass can move belongings into the residence hall. No other residents of the room should be moving in at this time.
  • Please be on time for your registered time slot. We cannot accommodate students arriving early or staying past their hour.
  • A confirmation email will be sent out immediately after registering that contains your date, residence hall, and move-in time. Please refer to that email if you have any questions about your move in time.
  • We advise that you do not move any valuables into your residence hall room during Charlie’s FastPass (ie. TVs, jewelry, etc.) The University of New Haven is not responsible for any missing items.
  • In addition to participating in the Charlie’s FastPass program, you still need to check in at Charge In (Wednesday, August 22 for students in an LLC, or Thursday, August 23 for students not in an LLC) at your assigned time and residence hall (coming soon).

Checking in For Charlie's FastPass

In order to make the process as smooth as possible, we have assigned check-in locations for students. There will be a staff member available to check you in and open your door. We will have other staff in the building to help if the need arises.

Please arrive at the assigned location for your residence hall, as listed in the map. Click the map below to download.

fastpass map

Charlie’s FastPass FAQ