Considering Living Off Campus?

Students and their parents sometimes feel that living off campus may be an appealing option. In the end, though, off-campus housing may not be as cost effective or could ultimately end up being more complex than initially expected.

Living off-campus:
  • Means commuting. Plain and simple, driving to school can be a burden. You have to wake up earlier and give yourself plenty of time to fight traffic and find a parking spot
  • Can be more complex. Instead of paying one basic fee at the beginning of the school year, you have to keep up with monthly rent, utilities, and items such as the Internet usually for twelve months, plus a security deposit.
  • Costs can add up. While it may seem cheaper at first glance to live off-campus, the actual costs can add up quicker than you expect. You may not realize it at first glance, but there any many miscellaneous items that you’ll have to purchase when living off campus that are provided for you when you live on campus.
  • Smaller community of peers. Instead of having a whole residence hall (or campus for that matter) full of people to meet and interact with, your off-campus community could consist of your roommate, existing friends, and your neighbors. It isn’t impossible to build a community, but it takes more effort.
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