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The first step in the career development process is self-assessment. In order to determine what major and career is right for you, a firm understanding of your skills, traits, values, and interests is required.The FOCUS Career Assessment system can help! FOCUS is based on Holland Occupational Theory, which states that since jobs have skills and traits that define them, people with matching skills and traits will likely enjoy and thrive in that career.You will be asked questions related to your skills (things you do well), your work and leisure interests (things you like to do), your personality type, and your work values (things you want from your career) and then FOCUS provides you majors and occupations that match your input.Simply click on the link below to register. 

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Important: The system simply matches you with potential career types to explore and investigate further – it is not telling you what to do with your life!

Appointment to review:
After talking to the online system, contact us to set up a meeting with a Career Coach to help interpret your results and guide you through the career development process.

Dina Wulinsky
Assistant Director, Career Education and Assessment
Bartels Student Activity Center
(203) 479-4230