Choosing a Major

Wondering what major is right for you? Unsure of what to choose when there are so many options?

The staff in the Career Development Center can help students through the decision making process by reviewing individual interests, abilities, personality, and values. Through a combination of exploration, research, and practical experience, you can determine an area of study that suits you best. Your major will not necessarily dictate a specific career path so it’s important to select a major that motivates and interests you!

To start the process, check out the Academic Programs offered at the University of New Haven.

If you plan on attending an Accepted Students Day, be sure to attend the special program for Exploratory Students as we discuss the process for choosing a major and show you all the resources and people available to help in your decision making process.

Then, once you arrive on campus be sure to visit the Career Development Center and the First Year Success Center to get the help you need to make the right choice!

Many students arrive at college without a specific major in mind or enough reliable information to make a decision. Even those students who enter college with a chosen major end up changing it at least once (if not more!).