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Winter Orientation

Winter Orientation date for 2016: January 15th

Transfer Student Registration

Do I have to attend the SOAR program?
Yes, If you are a transfer student then you must attend one of the SOAR programs. Please be sure to complete the SOAR registration form to sign up since reservations are required.

I’m a transfer student with transferable credits. How do I register for classes?
You will meet with an academic advisor and register for courses at SOAR. You should receive a transfer course evaluation from the admissions offices that indicates what credits will transfer to UNH prior to coming to register.

How do I know how many transfer credits I have been awarded?
Refer to the transfer credit evaluation that was mailed to you shortly after your acceptance. It will indicate how many transfer credits you have tentatively been awarded. Transfer credits will be posted to your official transcript and Degree Audit by the Registrar’s Office during the fall semester.

I am currently enrolled and taking courses at another college. These courses are not included on my transfer credit evaluation. How do I get transfer credit for these courses?
At the end of the spring semester, please have your final transcript sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the University of New Haven. They Admissions Office will send you an updated transfer credit evaluation with your revised transfer credits.

How do I know if I need to take placement tests before I can register?
You will be notified by the Undergraduate Admissions Office if you are required to take the Math, English and/or Chemistry placement tests. You may not have to take placement tests if you have received transfer credit fr Math, English, and/or Chemistry.

How does UNH determine who needs to take placement tests?
If you have received transfer credit for the Math, English and/or Chemistry courses that are required on the academic worksheet for your major, you may not have to take the placement test. Please refer to the transfer credit evaluation that was included with your acceptance letter.

How will I know what classes to register for?
You will meet individually with a faculty member from your school. The faculty member will advise you concerning your course selection.

Who can I Contact if I have questions regarding my transfer to the University of New Haven?
You can contact Undergraduate Admissions at 1-800-DIAL-UNH (342-5864) ext. 7319 or