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April Tryon Represents UNH at FNCE 2012

Release Date:
2/5/2013 9:00 AM

I am a junior at the University of New Haven and a Nutrition and Dietetics major. Because I have a passion for nutrition, I am a student member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. During this past summer, I received an email from the Academy for any students who are interested in going to the annual FNCE, (Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo) to represent their school and participate in all aspects that the conference had to offer. I figured it would be an awesome opportunity and I applied.

The school year had started and September was in full swing when I got the email that I had been chosen to represent University of New Haven at the 2012 FNCE in Philadelphia! I was elated and not only was I going to be at the conference with hundreds of other people interested in nutrition but I was selected to participate in a very important House of Delegates meeting as a student and provide the crucial student perspective on the council of Future Practice Visioning Report.

I attended FNCE and got to meet so many professional dietitians from all parts of the country. We discussed the politics and concerns for the coming year for the Academy and got to vote on upcoming policies. I was honored to have been a participant in such a pivotal event.  Going to FNCE and representing University of New Haven was an incredible opportunity. I was very honored and proud that I could represent my school at such a significant event.

Story submitted by April Tryon