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Meet Our Resident Assistants

The Office of Residential Life employs undergraduate students who serve as student leaders in the residence halls. Resident Assistants work with residents to create a healthy living and learning environment through educational programming, policy enforcement, and social interactions. Currently, there are 67 Resident Assistants employed by the Office of Residential Life. Five of these positions are Senior Resident Assistants, who serve as staff mentors.

The Resident Assistant position requires great organizational and interpersonal skills, leadership, strong ethics, accountability and creativity.  As a Resident Assistant, you are part of a tremendous staff dedicated to the residential students of the UNH community. 


Check below to see the Resident Assistants in your building!


Bethel Hall

Dominic Antonello
Ariel Barnes
Katie D'Alessandro
David Estevez- Senior Resident Assistant
Courtney Williams

Bixler Hall

Benjamin Atwater
Mallory Clayton
Kirsten Cunningham
Sebika Mazumdar
Thomas Montagna
Nicholas Quattrock- Senior Resident Assistant
Randi Trinidad
Zack Kaesmann

Botwinik Hall

Francesca Fontanez
Heather Honor
Angela LeMark
Jousha Lodge
Amy Miller
Glory-Jean Smith- Senior Resident Assistant
Gabriel Unger

Dunham Hall

Krystyn Devlin
Daniel Disbrow

Ruden St. Apartments

Gabriella Paez
Jacob Sylvestre

Forest Hills

Renne Broussard
Caitlin Cherep
Dale Eriksen
Walter Gordillio- Senior Resident Assistant
Julia Gutierrez

Bergami Hall

Samantha Brown
Connor Faticoni- Senior Resident Assistant
Brianna Hill
Dory Lieblein
Maria Panepinto
Nicholas York
Main St.
Alexis Greenwood
Michelle Stephens

Sheffield Hall

Lauren Balestrieri
Nadine Hudson
Derek Mauriello
Irene Sogotis

Celentano  Hall

Margaret Blum
Tatiana Dominguez
Michael Donofrio
Jessica Meisinger-Macdonald- Senior Resident Assistant
Lyndsey O'Neill
Zachary Poltson
Benjamin Santandreu
Isolina Seda
Amanda Sigan

Winchester Hall

Kayra Clouden
Rhiannon Ferronetti
Amina Kunovac
Adam Medford

Westside Hall

Amanda Charette
Timothy Earley
Sagemarie George
Dillion Goral- Senior Resident Assistant
Ashlee Junier
Nathan Lanning
Steven Lynchard
Erin Murdoch
Joshua Pinder
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