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Residential Life Information for Prospective Students

University of New Haven Residential Life

Welcome! We are ecstatic that you are considering University of New Haven!

The Office of Residential Life knows that an integral part of any college students experience is in their time living on campus and benefiting from all campus has to offer. Here at University of New Haven, we have thirteen residence halls. Our office works around the clock to make sure that all residential students are not only safe but are having fun and enjoying themselves in a safe and healthy manor. Whether it is a program hosted by one of our Resident Assistants, Move-in day in the beginning of the year or coming to say hello in our office; we are here for the students and their parents, for anything they may need.

Office of Residential Life also employs a wide array of hardworking, involved and dedicated students as a part of our residential life staff as Resident Assistants. It is these Resident Assistants that will work hard to bring the students within the building together, creating new connections in this fun and exciting time of their lives.

University of New Haven Office of Residential Life: Explore Our Residence Halls

  1. Office Hours

    8:30am- 4:30pm
    Summer Hours
    8:30am- 4:30pm
    8:30am- 1:30pm
  1. Contact Us

    Phone: 203-932-7076
    Fax: 203-932-7178
    Location: 1st Floor Bixler Hall

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