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Driver's License/CT State ID


Whether you're obtaining a Driver's License or State I.D. you will need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Since both of these cards serve as a U.S. form of identification, there is no need to have both--only students who are planning on actually operating a vehicle should request the Driver's License. There are several locations, so please find the one nearest you by clicking here (note: the Hamden location is the one closest to UNH).

In order to be prepared for your visit, please take the following documents with you when you go:

  • DMV Letter from ISO
  • Foreign Passport
  • UNH Student ID or Prior State Identification/US photo driver’s license  (in or out of state)
  • Certified School Transcript (Click Here to visit our Registrar's website to request this document)
  • Two computer generated (or if handwritten it must be postmarked) pieces of mail to their CT residence dated within 90 days.
  • One of the following documents:
    • Social Security card
    •  Letter of Denial from Social Security Department

Click here for information on how to obtain one of these two items. 

  • All of the following documents that apply to your immigration status:
    • I-94 and US VISA
    • F1 requires I-20 or Employment Authorization Card
    • J1 requires DS2019


The following information applies only to students who are requesting their Driver's License. Please note: The International Driver's License is not a substitute for a valid local license. If you are staying in the States for longer than a year, then you will need a CT License!

If you are applying for the Drivers License, you will first need to go to the DMV and request a Learner's Permit by taking all of the documents listed above and be prepared to pass the 25 question driving knowledge test. Click here to access the CT Driver's Manuel, which includes all the information they will test you on. 

After obtaining your Learner's Permit, you will need to make another appointment after 90-days to obtain the official Driver's License. Take the following items with you to that appointment, along with all the documents listed above:

  • People over 18 years-old seeking a driver's license in Connecticut for the first time are required to take an eight hour safe driving practices course at a driving school.  The fee for the course is set at $125 by state law. Click here to find a location near you (Note: the Hamden locations are usually closest for UNH students).
  • A vehicle in which to take the driving test. The vehicle must be registered and capable of passing Connecticut inspection requirements.
  • Bring proof of your car insurance.

If you are denied from the DMV and you have taken ALL the documents required there, request to make a review at DMV.
Get all the information you need about car registration, obtaining a Connecticut driver’s license and much more at or call 1-800-842-8222.