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Request a letter

The International services Office (ISO) issues various kinds of letters to students on F-1 and J-1 visas.  If you would like to request a letter from our office, then select the letter below and complete the form fully. 

Note: Please allow 5 business days for the ISO to process your request.  During peak periods (beginning of the term, holiday, vacations), it may take up to two (2) weeks to process letters in the International Services Office.

  1. Letter for DMV/State ID: Please print this letter in color and take it with you to the DMV.
  2. Full Time Status Letter
  3. Invitation Letter
    1. Please note, the ISO will only print 1 letter with 5 names.
    2. You may request an additional "Leisure" invitation with 5 more names.
    3. The ISO will only honor 1 Invitation Letter Request per semester.

Are you Traveling? 

If you are travelling to another country, then please stop by the ISO and provide us with your original I-20 at least two (2) weeks before your trip.  We will also make a travel letter for you if you need to renew your visa.