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Beginning and ending dates of Post-Completion OPT

1. What will be the authorized employment dates for post-completion OPT?

The start date will be the requested start date or the date of approval, whichever is later.  The end date will be the requested end date or date of approval by the USCIS.

2. What happens if I apply for post-completion OPT before the program end date and subsequently fail to complete the requirements for the program?

You should contact the DSO or International Advisor immediately.

It is strongly recommended that a student who may not be able to complete all the program requirements on time should defer applying for post-completion OPT until after his/her program ends.

3. How does a transfer or change of level impact the period of OPT?

Any OPT authorization ends on the transfer release date for a student who requests a transfer to another SEVP-certified school or a change of level to continue at the same school.