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Arrival in New Haven:
You are required to arrive on campus on or before the date indicated in your Form I-20 or DS-2019. DEPENDING ON YOUR ARRIVAL NEEDS, you may want to arrive as early as one or two weeks before the date indicated. You may need to secure housing and get settled into your accommodation, learn about academic and university rules and regulations, register for courses, recover from travel fatigue and, of course, enjoy the transition to life in a new environment and cultural setting.

Words of caution for the international traveler:
1. Carry as little cash as possible. It is advisable to use travelers’ checks in U.S. currency. These are readily cashed but give you much greater protection against theft. When you buy the checks, you will receive two sets of receipts. Keep one with the checks, and keep the other in a separate place so that you can access them should the checks be stolen. If travelers’ checks are stolen, you can be reimbursed.
2. Keep your important documents in a safe place on your person, for example, in an inside breast pocket or in a deep pocket that buttons shut.
3. Be watchful of your possessions at all times. Keep luggage close at hand or in between your feet. If you leave any of your bags unattended in the airport, it is possible that your bags will be confiscated and destroyed.
4. Be confident. When you walk somewhere, know where you want to go, or at least act as though you know. If you look lost and confused, you may become a target.


Do not take a taxi to New Haven from the New York airports. It is very expensive and very far. We strongly recommend that you use the Connecticut Limousine Service which will cost approximately $40.00 U.S. currency. Once you arrive at the airport, go to the information desk at the baggage claims area for information about the Connecticut Limousine Service. The limousine is a bus which will take you to a central depot in New Haven from where you have to arrange your own means of transportation to reach your accommodations.


Transporation Services (Getting from the Airport to UNH)
Connecticut Limousine Service (203) 878-2222
Amtrak Rail Service 1-800-523-8720
Metro North Commuter Railroad 1-800-638-7646
Connecticut Transit (203) 624-0151

Connecticut Limousine Service:

Prime Time Shuttle:


DO NOT accept transportation from anyone except those behind the desks designated Ground Transportation or Connecticut Limousine.