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Available Housing

The university has on-campus housing for undergraduate students only.  Students interested in on campus housing should apply early as space is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis upon acceptance to the university.  International undergraduate students are housed in residence halls which remain open during vacation periods.  All undergraduate students are required to be on the meal plan.

Undergraduate students who have prearranged on-campus housing may move into the residence halls only on the date designated by the Office of Residential Life. If you arrive before this date you will not be able to move into the residence halls immediately. You will need to find temporary housing with relatives or stay in a hotel.

For more information about residential life at the University of New Haven refer here:


Looking for off-campus housing :
The university does not provide off-campus housing services. The search for such housing is the student’s responsibility. You should anticipate that locating housing will take some time. Some students have found suitable housing in two days. It has taken others 2-3 weeks. Plan to arrive early enough to locate housing but anticipate the cost of temporary accommodations.

The Office of Residential Life can provide a limited listing of available apartments, but note that it does not locate or provide apartments, make telephone calls, or provide transportation to visit apartments.

You should purchase a local newspaper, The New Haven Register, (preferably the Saturday or Sunday edition) soon after you arrive. The classified ads list rooms, apartments and houses for rent in the New Haven area. You may wish to consult a realty service listed in the yellow pages of the local telephone book or look for advertise-ments of rentals on campus bulletin boards.

The International Services Office will provide you with a New Haven and West Haven map indexed by street name to assist in your search for housing. In addition, other students looking for room-mates often leave their names and telephone numbers at this office.

Types of Housing Available

Rooms in private homes:
The cost varies according to location, size, bathroom facilities, kitchen privileges, etc. Rates vary between $350-$500 per month.

Apartments range in size from a studio or efficiency (one large room with bedroom/kitchen and bathroom) to many bedrooms. Furnished apartments are available but usually include only basic furnishings. Unfurnished apartments are more numerous and less expensive when shared with a number of occupants.

Prices of unfurnished apartments vary greatly depending on location, condition, size, and inclusion of utilities. In the New Haven area, apartments range from $550/month for an efficiency, $650/month for a one bedroom, $900/month for a two bedroom, and $1,200/month and higher for larger apartments.

Houses may be rented furnished or unfurnished by families, indivi-duals, or groups of individuals. Such rentals also vary greatly in price, location and furnishings. The average rental of houses is $1,200-$1,500/month.

Many students would like to live with an American family. While there are some families that rent space in their homes, most rental opportunities are not in family homes or identified in advertisements as such. It will be less disappointing if you do not expect to find an American family to live with when you first arrive. Generally, that situation occurs for only a few very lucky students.

Renting and furniture:
Advance payment of one of or two months rent is often required when moving into an apartment. If you find an apartment through a real estate agent, it may be necessary to pay the agent another month’s rent as a fee for services. Rents usually do not include furniture or charges for telephone, heat, gas for cooking or electricity. Since most apartments are unfurnished, you should plan to purchase, rent, or bring some necessary items for your living quarters. Some discount stores near to the campus where you can buy household items are: Railroad Salvage, Walmart and Kmart. Sears and Filenes are nationwide department stores with higher priced quality merchandise.