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Campus Resources and Services

Who to call??? For what reason???


Associate Provost                                          Maxcy Hall 205                                                          932-7290

Undergraduate academic issues (Dr. Gordon Simerson)

Athletics Office                                              Charger Gym, North Campus                                 932-7016

Varsity sports (Larry Earnesty, Debbie Chin, Patricia Hughes and Robin Salters)

Bursar Office                                                 Maxcy Hall 109                                                          932-7217

Pay tuition, fees, and residence hall charges and for all other student billing information and services

Campus Access Services                               Sheffield Hall, Ground Level                                    932-7214

Learning disabilities accommodations (Linda Copney-Okeke)

Campus Police                                               Bookstore Building, Ground Level                         932-7014

Emergency # 932-7070

Career Development                                     Bartels Student Activities Center (BSAC) 103       932-7342

Career services (Matt Caporale)

Center for Learning Resources                   Peterson Library                                                       932-7214

Tutoring services: Math Lab, Writing Lab, and Computer Lab (Debbie Malewicki)

Counseling & Psychological Services          Sheffield Hall, Ground Level                                      932-7332

Counseling services are free, confidential, and available to currently enrolled students (Charles Anderson)

Dean of Students                                            Bartels Hall, Level 4                                                 932-7176

Student issues (Rebecca Johnson, Ric Baker)

Financial Aid Office                                      Maxcy Hall 118                                                         932-7315

Financial aid issues, credit requirement verification (Karen Flynn)

First Year Success Center                            Maxcy Hall 106                                                         479-4584

Providing one-on-one and group coaching, connecting students to mentors, referring students to campus resources and more (Tiffany Goines, Aschlee Riendeau)

Health Services                                              Sheffield Hall, Ground Level                                   932-7079

Health issues, extended absences (Paula Cappuccia)

Intercultural Relations                                  Bartels Hall, Level 4                                                         932-7427

Diversity initiatives, support for underrepresented students, voter registration, bias incidents (Wanda Tyler)

International Student Services                     Echlin Hall 200                                                          932-7475

International student questions (Kathy Kautz de Arango)

Rape Crisis Center, Milford - College Advocate    (24-HOUR HOTLINE)                                 878-1212

Email –

Registrar’s Office                                          South Campus Hall                                                   932-7301

Course registration, enrollment, academic transcripts, graduation and veteran benefits (Nancy Baker, Sally Belbusti)

Residential Life Office                                  Bixler Hall, 1st Floor                                                  932-7076

Housing issues (Nicole McGrath, Becca Kitchell)

Veteran Student Center                               Maxcy Hall 208                                                          932-7380

Have all the support you need to achieve your goals for the next phase of your life. (Joe Frederick)