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Campus Access Services Policies & Procedures

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Eligibility for Services

  • Information regarding eligibility for student disability services
Documentation of a Disability                            
  • Requirements for Documentation of a Disability                                                                       
  • About the ADA/504 Committee
  • Confidentiality of Disability Information

Documentation Guidelines 

  • Criteria used to determine a student's eligibility for receiving reasonable accommodations and access to services provided by the Campus Access Services office for qualified students with disabilities
  • Links to criteria for specific disabilities

Reasonable Accommodations

  • Some common academic and non-academic adjustments
  • Requesting reconsideration of previously declined accommodations
  • Steps to request reasonable accommodations
  • Procedures for use of exam proctoring

Personal Care Attendants

  • Policy & Procedures 
  • Student and Care Attendant Responsibilities 

Course Substitutions

  • Policy & Procedures for requesting course substitutions due to disability

Modifications to Housing and/or Dining Options

  • Application process for requesting modifications to housing accommodations and/or special consideration for meal plans due to a disability or significant medical condition 

Reduced Course Load

  • Policy & Procedures for requesting a reduced course load due to disability

Temporary Medical Conditions 

  • Information regarding what assistance may be available in the event of a temporary disabling condition 

Grievance Policy for Individuals with Disabilities

  • Informal and Formal Grievance procedures in the event a problem should arise regarding issues relating to the ADA or Section 504 that ensure that all complaints of discrimination based on disability are thoroughly and fairly investigated.