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Post-UNH Matriculation Program

For the purpose of supporting students’ post-UNH pursuits, the Accessibility Resources Center has initiated a Post-UNH Matriculation Program to assist students with providing documentation of a disability to institutions of higher education, testing agencies, and/or other organizations requiring the information for admission, certification or licensure, and/or employment. 

Information submitted to the ARC for the purpose of documenting a disability and other disability-related materials located in the student’s ARC Student File are considered confidential educational records. The ARC Student Files are not integrated with formal university records, but rather are maintained separately in the ARC . These records are retained for a period of seven (7) years after the student ceases to be matriculated at UNH.

The ARC will, at the student’s request, forward a copy of his/her records (including the documentation of a disability) to an appropriate qualified professional and/or other agency/institution/organization at any time throughout his/her enrollment at UNH, or within seven (7) years after he/she ceases to be matriculated at UNH. The student can request a copy of records from his/her ARC Student File for his/her own records once he/she has ended his/her matriculation at UNH.