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Begin Looking for a Place to Live


Begin Looking for a Place to Live

This page will provide you with information about housing near the University of New Haven.

Housing Expectations

As an international student it is important that you make informed decisions about your living situation. Never give someone money for housing without visiting the property, meeting the landlord, and doing diligent research. Handle all financial decisions in person. Never rely on someone else to handle your finances.  

It is important to remember that your actions may have consequences for other students like you. Treating your housing with respect is a necessary step in ensuring that other international students be considered when the property is looking to lease the next year. Your negative behavior can negatively affect all those who come after you.

Signing a Lease

When you sign a lease you are signing a contract agreeing to remain at a residence for a specified duration. If your situation changes and you are not going to remain at the rental property, you are responsible for the remaining rent or the charge for breaking the lease. Do not sign a lease if you do not believe you will be at the residence for the entire duration. When you sign a lease you are also assuming responsibility for any damage done to the property. Make sure you understand what is and is not allowed at your rental property (i.e. smoking, pet ownership, renovation). Treat your rental property with respect and return it in the same condition that it was given to you.

Choosing a Roommate

Be mindful when choosing a roommate. You are responsible for the actions of your roommates. If your roommates break the lease you are all responsible for the cost to rectify the situation. If your roommates cause damage to the property you are all responsible for the cost of repairs. If your roommates cannot pay rent you are all responsible for making up the remaining balance.


 Some important information to keep in mind: The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in this area of Connecticut ranges from $750+ to $1,000+ per month. Expect to pay more than $1,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment and $1,400+ to $1,650+ for a luxury apartment. One bedroom apartments usually house 1 to 2 people, and 2-bedroom apartments usually house 2-3 people.

New International Undergraduate Students

International Undergraduate Students can choose to live on or off campus.

  1. If you prefer to live on campus, please contact International Undergraduate Admissions for more information about housing availability and the application process or visit Residential Life site.
  2. If you prefer to live off campus, follow the helpful tips in the next section.

New International Graduate Students (and undergraduates who want to live off campus)

 At this time, graduate students are not provided housing on the UNH campus. However, we have some great off-campus resources to help aid in your search for housing!

  1. Search our Jump Off Campus apartment database to look for an apartment or to find a roommate. 
  2. For information on off-campus living, West Haven city ordinances, etc.  please review:
  3. You can also directly contact two local apartment complexes:
  4. If you are looking for a luxury apartment, please contact Donna Della Camera from Soundview Luxury Apartments at or call 203-577-5437. For more information, visit:
  5. You will also find Tenant Resources and Area information by going to our Off Campus Website: then click on the Student/Tenant section.
  6. Contact the Office of Residential Life (ORL) by email at, or contact Lauren Veronneau or 203-932-7076, if you have any questions regarding off-campus housing.
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    If you have questions about finding housing near UNH, please contact your admissions representative or use the contact information provided on this page.
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