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Everything You Need To Do Before Classes

Congratulations on Joining the University of New Haven Family!

Your acceptance into one of our graduate programs puts you on the path toward continued success and advancement in your professional career. You've already done a lot of hard work during your career to earn a spot at the University of New Haven, and we commend you for that.

 Now we give you your first assignments as a UNH graduate student.  

Officially becoming a student at UNH requires a lot of coordination between you and the University, and there are a number of tasks we need you to perform before you can start classes. Part of our commitment to making the transition to UNH as easy as possible for our new students is the creation of this website - the Road Map for New Graduate Students.

We have captured in one place all of the tasks you need to complete before you can begin classes. Several have important deadlines that you'll need to meet to ensure that you stay on the right road, so pay careful attention.

Instructions for Using the Road Map for New Graduate Students

Please note that these instructions do not apply to international graduate students, who should return to our main new students page and enter the Road Map for New International Students.

Since the various steps along the Road Map for New Graduate Students need to be completed at different times, you'll need to track your progress carefully to ensure that you meet deadlines

We hope that this section will be fairly self-explanatory and it is designed to take you from step-to-step along the Road Map.  In keeping with the Road Map theme, you'll see "traffic signs" at the bottom of each page that direct you to take actions:  

Blue directional signThe blue signs will take you from Step to Step along the Road Map.  This is the easiest way to move forward and backward as you progress through steps.  

Yellow "detour" signThe yellow "detour" signs will open a new window and take you out of the Road Map for New Graduate Students to a page where you can complete an action. 

Black and White "One Way" SignThe black and white "one way" signs (Continue / Back) only appear in Step 8, and they progress you through multiple tasks that need to be completed within Step 8. 

We recognize that it might not always be possible to complete the steps in order.  As long as you complete all of the steps by each of the specified deadlines, you will be ready for classes.  

Finally, there is contact information for a helpful UNH staff member or office located in the left-column blue boxes on every step.  If you can't figure out what to do, or have a question about completing a task or form, reach out to us for assistance.

What do I need to do to get started?
  • To begin along the Road Map for New Graduate Students, simply click the blue sign below to proceed to Step 2.
Go to Step 2
  1. Questions?

    As you progress along the Road Map for New Graduate Students, you will see blue boxes like this in the left column of almost every page.  They provide contact information for UNH staff members that can answer questions or troubleshoot problems you might be having.
  1. Not Ready to Complete This Step?

    Throughout the Road Map for New Graduate Students, you will see this text on the left side. It's telling you that you may skip ahead using the navigation in the box, or go back to the Road Map. This is your link back to the main Road Map for New Graduate Students page, if you need it.