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Deployable Healthcare in Ghana: Innovative Ideas

Release Date:
10/5/2011 7:11 PM

University of New Haven: Deployable Healthcare Innovations, events Children in Ghana

Innovation Incubator: Deployable Healthcare Platform

Visiting Artist Kevin Lair

Reception 10/20, 5-7pm

Exhibit runs 10/20-11/4

In this project, visiting artist Kevin Lair will lead a charette to work with UNH students from Interior Design, Engineering, and Graphic Design to employ an interdisciplinary, systems-based approach to explore the possibilities for a Deployable Healthcare Platform in Ghana. The exhibit will feature contextualizing work by Kevin Lair and the student work produced in the charette, as well as a video documenting the process.

Visiting Artist Bio:

Assistant Professor Kevin Lair teaches at the new Indiana University Center for Art and Design in Columbus, Indiana.  He is an interdisciplinary designer whose work focuses on the integration of architecture, art, and entrepreneurship.   While teaching at Syracuse University’s School of Architecture, he received a Chancellor’s Leadership Project Award to co-develop collaborations between academic and community partners. The project was based on the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems to build resilient communities and incubate new technologies.  Professor Lair co-founded and led the coordination for iBOX, an interdisciplinary group based in the Syracuse Center of Excellence.  Prior to that he taught at Iowa State University in the College of Design.

Professor Lair is the founder of MOD-ECO Design LLC and is currently developing health care and manufacturing  project-based, design research and entrepreneurial  ventures.   Based on his work at MOD-ECO Design, he has taught design entrepreneurship methodologies for health care and sustainable development solutions in Ghana.  His prior work includes developing a start-up business for rapid retail using pre-fabricated architecture and directing the Westbrook Artists’ Site (WAS ), an exhibition and studio art venue.   He holds degrees in Fine Arts and Psychology from Drake University and a Masters in Architecture from Harvard University.