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ISVG Tracks al-Qaeda Over a Decade

Release Date:
9/8/2011 7:07 PM

As we approach the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, we are called to pause and reflect both on the events of that day and on the progress made in the global fight against terrorism since then. Click on the infographic below to examine the al-Qaeda network over the last decade, exploring the connections among key players as the landscape has shifted, and showing who has been captured or killed and who remains at large.

al-Qaeda infographic, 500px

This infographic was a joint effort between i2, a software company providing analysis solutions for intelligence, national security, defense and private security companies, and the Institute for the Study of Violent Groups of the University of New Haven,  an organization dedicated to aggregating and analyzing data on violent, extremist and hate groups around the world. Using open-source intelligence from the ISVG database, i2’s award-winning Analyst’s Notebook turned a host of data elements into a visual picture, highlighting relationships between players and events in much the same way that intelligence analysts use this technology every day to search for connections and interrupt terrorist threats.

Contact Karen Grava, Director of Media Relations at 203-932-7246 for questions regarding this infographic, which may be reproduced with credit to i2 and ISVG.

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