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Student’s Art Installation on Display at New Haven Gallery

Release Date:
8/19/2011 1:36 PM

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An installation created by graphic design student Noel Sardalla ’14 is on display through Wednesday, August 31, at the Creative Arts Workshop on 80 Audubon Street in New Haven.

The creation, titled “here/there/everywhere,” uses a nearly-invisible net of monofilament suspended from the walls and ceiling. Botanical forms handmade from paper are attached to the net, creating a single, planar structure that is manipulated to fill the gallery space. The net's lightness allows it to move gently with currents of air, reminiscent of flower blooms waving and bending in the breeze.

Noel Sardalla '14 02

Noel Sardalla

“I have an ongoing interest in gardens and why we create them and why humans enclose or set apart natural areas for cultivation, contemplation or recreation,” explains Sardalla.  “Gardens fulfill multiple needs to define and contain apparent chaos, helping us investigate our world externally and internally.”

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Sardalla, who also is a staff member in the University’s Advancement Division, was born in the Philippines and raised in Northern California. He has studied graphic design and stone carving at Paier College of Art and at Creative Arts Workshop, respectively. Sculptures, installations, collages and graphic design pieces created by Sardalla have been displayed in galleries throughout the greater New Haven area. Learn more about Sardalla and the Creative Arts Workshop.

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