World-Building with Jon Sideriadis

Pre-College Academy

Jon Sideriadis, Red Dwarf Stars

Mondays, 5 – 7 pm
October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and November 5.

$200 (includes art supplies)


World-Building equips students with character design, environment design, writing, and storytelling skills; all of which one must possess upon entering the gaming, film, or graphic novel industry. Projects enable students, by the end of the class term, to develop a fictional world and its visuals. This course offers the opportunity to design settings and characters of iconic resonance within an original mythic world.

Image: Jon Sideriadis, Red Dwarf Stars

About the Artist


Jon Sideriadis has been an active freelance illustrator, writer, and production designer for over a decade. His expertise in science fiction & fantasy art and mythological storytelling brought in a wide variety of commissioned work in feature films, television shows, video games, novels, comics, board games, trading cards, and album covers. His motion picture job titles include co-writer and production designer of the science fiction short film, Blue Lollipop, and production designer of the feature film, Space Pirates. During his time as a creature effects and make-up artist in Los Angeles, Jon worked on monster make-up and costumes for feature length horror films including Silent Hill and Underworld 2. Some of his clients: Ye Olde Gaming Companye, Patrick Tatopoulos Designs, Eskimo Hill Pictures, Fuller Flippers, New Lands Press, KidsCOOK Productions, XVIVO 3D Animation Studios, Narcotics Anonymous World Services, the Hartford Courant, and Auf Dem Schwarzen Thron. He is currently writing and illustrating an original mythology series called Astromythos. It is an extensive series of books containing original myths from his invented universe. For more information visit Jon's website:

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