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InfoAnytime 24/7 Service - Ask your question online by establishing an interactive chat session with a librarian 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.E-Mail a Reference Question - Send us your question in an email message to  You may e-mail us anytime, but we will send responses during our normal business hours.Make an Appointment - For in-depth one-on-one assistance for a research project or paper, contact the Reference Department by calling 203-932-7189 or 1-800-DIAL-UNH and ask for the Library Reference Desk.  Or, you can e-mail us to set up a session for assistance at  Since you cannot come to the UNH campus, please be sure to tell us that you would like to make arrangements for a telephone conversation to discuss your research question.

Library Guides

When first starting your research, you might want to use our Introductory Research Guide to get started. Subject Guides for example: 

Library Tutorials

Library Workshops which have been recorded are available at

Our reference Librarians have prepared tutorials which will help you learn about conducting effective research.  These tutorials help students become acquainted with an academic library and learn about our many services.

Database Searching Tutorial
The Database Searching Tutorial is designed to help you understand how to search databases effectively.  In this tutorial, you will log into a database to do searches that replicate ones that we have done and compare your results to ours.

Online Library Catalog Tutorial 

The Library Catalog Tutorial will show you step-by-step how to search and find books and other materials in our online library catalog.

Virtual Reference Tour
The Virtual Reference Tour will help you find your way around the Peterson Library and should give you an overview of resources you can use for your research.

Tutorials and Search Tips from Vendors

Academic Search Premier (Ebsco)  Fact Sheet Basic Search Tips  Tutorial
Advanced Search - Guided Style Find 
Fields (Ebsco)
  Advanced Search Tips  Tutorial 
Advanced Search - Singe Find     Tutorial
Basic Searching for Academic Libraries (EBSCOHost)     Tutorial 
Biography Reference Bank Fact Sheet    
Biography Reference Center Fact Sheet    
Green File Fact Sheet    
History Reference Center Fact Sheet     
Newspaper Source Plus Fact Sheet    
Referencia Latina Fact Sheet    
MainFILE Fact Sheet    
MasterFILE Premier Fact Sheet    
Science Reference Center Fact Sheet