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Other Resources and Services in the Library

  • A CMC Machine (Charger Cash Machine) is on the entry level.  You can add money to your UNH ID card to use at the bookstore or in the cafeteria.
  • Campus phones are at the foot of the stairs on the lower level and also in the foyer (entrance) to the library
  • Photocopiers on the entry and lower levels. Copies are 10 cents - use exact change when the red light is on.  Report problems to the Circulation Desk.
  • A change machine on the entry level provides change for $1 and $5 bills.  It gives dimes, not quarters.
  • A large English dictionary and encyclopedias are near the Information Desk, another dictionary and an encyclopedia on the lower level, near the windows.  Others can be found at the same call number in the circulating stacks. Our Library Guide on Almanacs, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Other Reference Works lists free online encyclopedias and dictionaries. We also have dictionaries of other languages including Persian, Arabic, Yiddish, Chinese, Hindi, Thai, in call numbers PJ-PL.

The library also provides a place to study and to relax.  There are carrels, tables and comfortable chairs on all floors, and you can use our computers or bring your own laptop to plug into a campus network outlet or use wirelessly, as the entire library is a wireless zone. 

The top floor is a quiet study floor, the lower level is designated for those who want to study and work together. 

Computers.  The entire library is a wireless zone.  There are also network connection outlets against the walls and columns on all floors – you will need an ethernet card and network cable to connect to the campus network.  If you need assistance from the IT Department, contact them by e-mail or at x7235 (you can use the campus phone on the lower level to make the call). 

There are 36 laptops and 60 desktop computers on the entry level for student use, and one each on the top floor and lower level.  You can connect to your assignments on Blackboard, use Office 2007 Software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), use the Library’s online catalog, connect to research databases, e-mail, watch DVDs or listen to music.

We ask that people not bring food and drink into the library, and limit their use of cell phones in the library.  More details on our courtesy policy are available near the Information Desk, or on our web page.

Leisure Reading Rack is on the upper level landing.  These books do not need to be charged out.  You can borrow one and return it, or bring us another in its place.

A suggestion box at the Circulation Desk collects comments and our Library Director responds to signed requests, posting them on the bulletin board at the entry level elevator. 

Browse our book sale books on the entry level.  Buy books at the Circulation Desk.  They cost $1.00 for hardcover, 50cents for soft cover, and 25 cents for small paperbacks.

Enjoy studying or relaxing in the library, and remember that we are here to assist you.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, schedule individual tutorials at the Information Desk or ask for immediate assistance.