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Legal Studies News & Events

Welcome to the Legal Studies News and Events page.

We will be keeping you posted on events and issue newsletters periodically to inform you what is going on in the program. Legal Studies is very active on campus, sponsoring many speakers and activities on and off campus. For more, see our newsletter linked at the left.

Attention Students: Supreme Court Justice on Campus!

The Legal Studies Department hosts a variety of speakers and events throughout the year. One of the highlights came in the Fall 2014 semester when U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor came to campus to speak to students. She talked about how her hard work led to success in becoming a lawyer and ultimately sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Bored? Hop on a train to D.C. with some of the Legal Studies Students:

A group of Legal Studies students took a fully funded trip to Washington D.C. and were able to see a variety of historic sights, as well as future offices where they might desire to work.

Hear from the best speakers and educators in the region!

Richard Altschuler-Attorney at Law, was another speaker that the Legal Studies department brought to campus. He discussed the case Adamu v Pfizer that revolved around Pharmaceutical Companies using experimental drugs in Nigeria.

In addition, James Spallone, the Deputy Secretary of the State of Connecticut, came to celebrate Constitution Day at the University, where he led a discussion on the ins and outs of the Bill of Rights.

Testing your skills in a fun way:

In the Spring of 2015, the Mock Trial Team competed in the American Mock Trial Association Regional Tournament at Yale and received the second place prize for the “Spirit of AMTA Award.”  Liana Teixeira proudly holds up a trophy after winning Top Attorney at the Competition. In addition to being the co-captain of the team, she was the only student attorney at the AMTA Regional Tournament to score a perfect 20.

Free food and free knowledge!

Professor Steven Wermiel from American University Law School was the guest speaker at our annual Law Day celebration in honor of the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta.

In addition, earlier in the spring Legal Studies hosted a Magna Carta Panel to discuss the relevance the document still has today with members of the UNH Faculty in the History and Legal Studies Departments and UNH alumni who are attorneys in Connecticut serving on the panel.

Major events in the Fall of 2015 included a Constitution Day talk by Connecticut Superior Court Judge Karen Goodrow, who formerly was Director of the Connecticut Innocence Project, and a presentation by Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Barry Schaller (retired, currently Connecticut Judge Trial Referee) about judicial perspectives on veterans in court and other intersections of civil justice and the military.


Connecticut Superior Court
Judge Karen Goodrow

Connecticut Supreme Court
Justice Barry Schaller
(retired, currently Connecticut
Judge Trial Referee)

Announcing ABA Approval!
At its Annual Meeting in early August 2010, the American Bar Association House of Delegates approved the University of New Haven's paralegal program options. Donna Decker Morris, J.D., associate professor and director of the UNH legal studies program, notes that she is delighted to have received the American Bar Association's approval in recognition of the quality of the UNH program. "Endorsement from the ABA is an assurance of the quality of our legal studies program so that prospective students will know they can expect a good education." Morris also points out that many employers specifically require graduation from an ABA approved program as a hiring standard. She notes that UNH will be listed on the ABA website, assuring prospective employers that the UNH program meets the ABA's high standards and that UNH-graduate applicants have the necessary education to be paralegals.

Law School - Here We Come!

The Legal Society also sponsored its annual trip to New York City to attend the Law Forum which is sponsored by the Law School Admissions Council with workshops about preparing for law school and admissions representatives from with 150 law schools attending. 

Fall events have included a Constitution Day talk by the Honorable Mark T. Gould, Judge of the Connecticut Superior Court, and a trip to New York City to attend the Law Forum sponsored by the Law School Admissions Council. UNH students who attended the Forum, chaperoned by Professor Thomas Geisler, are pictured in NYC¹s Grand Central Train Station on their way to the Forum. See the Fall 2010 Newsletter for further details and other Legal Studies Program news.

“If Abraham Lincoln could have used Twitter…”
In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s bicentennial, on April 29, 2009 the Legal Society hosted a luncheon celebrating a “Legacy of Liberty,” this year’s Law Day theme. The Honorable Mark T. Gould, Judge of the Connecticut Superior Court, role-played President Lincoln “twittering” to the audience the Gettysburg address and excerpts from other Lincoln speeches, making a very engaging and inspiring presentation. For more information on this event and other Legal Studies Program news, please read the Spring 2009 Newsletter.

University of New Haven Mock Trial Team

“The Defendant is guilty.”

The UNH Mock Trial Team competed in the American College Mock Trial Regional Tournament at Yale University February 14-15, 2009.  In a round-robin of four trials over a two day period, UNH conducted trials against teams from Wesleyan, Brandeis, and DeSales.  For more information about this event and others, please read the Winter 2009 newsletter.

University of New Haven Mock Trial Team

"The Court is now in session."

Dodds Theater became a courtroom when the Appellate Court sat at the University of New Haven on September 24, 2008, to hear two criminal case appeals.  For more information on the cases please read the Fall 2008 newsletter


Judge Lubbie Harper, Jr., Chief Judge Joseph P. Flynn, and Judge Richard A. Robinson during the hearing. 
(Photo by Dan Ostipovich)

The discussion panel answering questions after the first case. 
(Photo by Dan Ostipovich)

The judges listen to the defense in State v. Khuth.  (Photo by Dan Ostipovich)