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Career Placement for Forensic Science

UNH's forensic science program, focusing on the natural sciences, prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities in various laboratory settings as well as for graduate school. Our graduates are found and respected in crime laboratories, clinical and research laboratories, police investigative units, medical examiners' offices, crime scene investigation units and civilian investigation units around the world.

The caliber of our graduates and their excellent reputations are your best recommendations as to the quality of our program and the degree you will hold. Our graduates can also be an invaluable network for finding and securing employment in an increasingly competitive job market.

Graduate School

UNH is one of the original and premier institutions nationwide featuring an established master'sdegree program in forensic science. There are two possible concentrations in that degree.  One is in criminalistics, which is targeted at laboratory scientists, and the other is in advanced investigation. We are one of a few schools in the nation to offer an M.S. degree in forensic science targeted at investigators.

  1. Blaze Your Path

    Our Career Development Center offers full career development services to help our students, as well as our alumni, learn how to effectively manage and develop their careers.