The entire ROTC program is aimed towards producing college graduates who can lead from the front and get things done through others.

Every aspect of the program is designed to give cadets real world experiences in leading others. In the first and sophomore year, ROTC cadets learn the value of teamwork and the strength of concentrated group effort on mission accomplishment.  The students are given opportunities to begin developing their leadership skills. All cadets are given opportunities (voluntary) to strengthen their personal character participating in weapons training, orienteering, rappelling, parachuting, and mountaineering. All cadets learn the value of honesty, integrity and ethics. In their junior year, cadets are given many leadership challenges. They teach classes, lead physical fitness sessions, undertake special projects and run training exercises. At the conclusion of each leadership opportunity the cadet is mentored and critiqued by professional military officers and sergeants. During the senior year the cadets form the staff that runs the cadet program and are personally mentored by the Professor of Military Science.

By the time a student completes the ROTC program he or she can speak well in public, can take charge when necessary, can get things done through others, and can be counted on to take care of subordinates.

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