The University of New Haven Fire Science program has a number of Laboratories open for students and professors to use to enhance the learning process.

Main Laboratory
The Main Laboratory includes mockups of a number of different items including: Fire Pumps, Water mains, Sprinklers, Hydrants, Extinguishers and Appliances to list a few. These mockups are used by the professors to point out key components and/or describe in detail how a particular item works. This lab is open to all students.

Computer Laboratory
The Computer Laboratory was donated by Cerberul/Pyrotronics, Visionary Systems, Fire House Software, Simplex and John R. McCune Charitable Trust. The computers in this Lab contain specialized software used by the fire service and open for students to experiment with and gain a working knowledge of its capabilities. The Lab is only open to Fire Science students.

Fire Investigation Laboratory
The Fire Investigation Laboratory was donated by the Levy Family and allows the students to gain hands on experience investigating fires. The rooms are regularly re-burnt to change the fire for students to gain additional experience. While the rooms are important they are only part of the equation. During each investigation, adjunct faculty take roles and answer questions from the students based on the fire scenario provided. In all, the students learn about interviewing and fire scene investigation.

Fire Dynamics Laboratory
The Fire Dynamics Laboratory which was donated by the McCune Trust and allows students hands on experiments with burning metals and other materials. This lab provides the students with an opportunity to experience first hand how certain materials ignite and how they burn as well as how they react with various extinguishing agents.

Fire Detection/Alarm Laboratory
The Fire Detection/Alarm Laboratory is provided by Fire-Lite Alarms and Notifier. The Lab is a state of the art facility which was updated in 2010 to the newly updated NFPA alarm codes. This lab allows students the opportunity to experiment and understand the details of how a code compliant alarm system operates. The room is used by professors to teach modern alarm systems and those older systems still in place that students may come across in the field.

Sprinkler Laboratory
The Chief John "Jack" Obier Sprinkler Laboratory is named after professor Obier who taught here for a number of years and was an advocate for fire sprinklers. The lab allow students the opportunity to reset sprinkler system, have the valve trip and flow water out of whatever head they would like to use be it, sidewall, pendent, upright or even some special deluge type heads. The flow room is set up to not only flow water but to determine floor coverage of a particular head.

Fire and Security Demo Laboratory
Currently work is progressing on the Fire and Security Demo Laboratory which will allow students the chance to work with thermal dynamics and explosive characteristics of gaseous products.

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