Hands-on Application

Graduate students in the forensic science program have a wealth of hands-on experiences available in on-campus laboratories and in the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science. Students in the forensic technology program may also complete an internship, while criminalistics students complete a required thesis project. Forensic science students have landed coveted internship positions with the FBI, the Connecticut Crime Laboratory, Massachusetts State Police, the New Haven Police Investigative Services Division, and more.

Sample Courses

Forensic Science, M.S. Program
Advanced Crime Scene Technology Firearms Examination
Crime Scene Reconstruction Forensic DNA Analysis
Forensic Anthropology Forensic Microscopy
Domestic and Sexual Violence Forensic Photography
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Law and Evidence
Expert Witnessing Toxicology

Sample Employers

Forensic Science, M.S. Program
Baltimore Police Department Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Boston Police Department MA State Police
CA Department of Justice Milwaukee County Medical Examiner
City of New Haven Minneapolis Police Department
CT State Police NH State Police Forensic Laboratory
CT Forensic Science Laboratory Sacramento Fire Department
Dallas County — Institute of Forensic Sciences University of Virginia
FBI U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory
GA Bureau of Investigation WA State Crime Laboratory
Houston Police Department Crime Laboratory Firearms Section