Candidates are required to complete a minimum of 39 credits of graduate work, which may include an internship in fire science. Transfer credit from other institutions may be permitted subject to the graduate school policy on transfer credit detailed elsewhere in this catalog. 

Students in the fire science degree program are required to complete the core courses; a concentration in either fire administration, fire/arson investigation, fire science technology or public safety management; and 18 credits of electives. Students must take either FS 690 Research Seminar or FS 693 Internship. A six-credit thesis may replace one elective and the research seminar or internship requirement.

Students electing to write a thesis must register for thesis credit with the department. The thesis must show the ability to organize material in a clear and original manner and present well-reasoned conclusions. Thesis  preparation and submission must comply with graduate school policy on theses as well as specific department requirements.