Graduate Programs


Criminal Justice


The Criminal Justice doctoral program is designed to be a small, selective program to enable every student to receive the individualized instruction and mentoring necessary in doctoral education. 



The Criminal Justice graduate program is a program stressing a broad understanding of the social and behavioral sciences, the institutions of the criminal justice system, and the development of methodological tools and skills. 



The Criminal Justice online program is designed specifically for the working professional and can help you reach your goal of earning a criminal justice master’s degree. 



Emergency Management, M.S. 

This Emergency Management graduate program is designed to develop emergency management and related professionals grounded in emergency management principles, social and natural science knowledge, administrative and managerial skills, and technical and personal competencies. 

Emergency Management

Emergency Management, M.S. - Online

The market for emergency management personnel is on the brink of exponential expansion. One reason why: The field is emerging as an independent profession that offers the promise of increased identity, prestige, and monetary benefits for those holding degrees in the discipline.

Fire Science

Fire Science, M.S. 

The Fire Science graduate program is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide advanced training for professionals in fire service, fire safety, occupational safety, and security who are involved with fire protection and investigation. 


Forensic Science

Forensic Science, M.S. 

The Forensic Science graduate program is one of the foremost forensic science programs in the nation, stressing up-to-date analytical and scientific methods as well as a broad understanding of the concepts underlying the forensic sciences. 

Forensic Tech

Forensic Technology, M.S.

Forensic technology is a developing discipline that combines traditional crime scene techniques with advanced instrumentation and measurements. Students in this program will master various forms of forensic field technology such as portable instrumentation and forensic database usage.


Investigations, M.S. - Online

Investigation is a broad interdisciplinary field in which students learn how to identify, collect and analyze evidence in civil and criminal cases. The program includes three concentrations: Criminal Investigations, Financial Crime Investigations and Computer Forensic Investigations.


National Security


The National Security program provides students with a sound understanding of the fundamental principles of the legal charter, presidential executive orders, and the framework that guides the operation of national security agencies.

Public Administration


The Master of Public Administration degree trains you for public service careers. Develop the modern analytic and quantitative tools you’ll need to analyze and make decisions about the complex problems of government and nonprofit organizations.

Graduate Certificates


Persons who may not yet be ready to commit to a full-length graduate program, as well as those who already hold a graduate degree but want to pursue additional work in the same or another field, may find that a certificate provides the perfect alternative. Students may choose from 14 different certificate programs.