Advisory Council

The purpose of the Tow Youth Justice Institute Advisory Council is to assist and help grow the youth justice work of the Institute by 1) identifying potential new strategic directions for study or action, 2) developing connections to national organizations and other public and private partners for potentially important collaborative projects, and 3) identifying new opportunities for core funding to support the ongoing work of the Institute.  

Members meet three times over the course of each year.  They will receive reports on the progress of the Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee work as supported by the TYJI; the status and findings of on-going research projects; progress on efforts to reach out to new funding sources; and any other important TYJI initiative. The Advisory Council members will provide relevant input and information from their area of work that relate to youth justice in the state and nationally; they will propose new ideas for research and ways to improve the youth justice system.  Additionally, TYJI Advisory Council members will identify new opportunities for partnerships and funding.

Pamela Allen
  • Ms. Pamela Allen

  • Chairperson
  • New Haven Reentry Roundtable
Christina Ciociola

Ms. Christina Ciociola

Alice Forrester

Dr. Alice Forrester

Bonita Grubbs

Reverend Bonita Grubbs

Byron Kennedy

Dr. Byron Kennedy

Judith McBride

Ms. Judith McBride

Judith Meyers

Dr. Judith Meyers

Christopher O'Connor

Mr. Christopher M. O’Connor

Frances Padilla

Ms. Frances Padilla

Marc Schindler

Mr. Marc Schindler

Sandra Trevino

Ms. Sandra Trevino

Nancy Von Euler

Ms. Nancy Von Euler

Mark White

Mr. Mark White

  • Deputy Commissioner Juvenile Justice
  • State of New York
Emily Tow Jackson

Ex Officio

Ms. Emily Tow Jackson

William Carbone

Mr. William Carbone

  • Executive Director
  • Tow Youth Justice Institute
Mario Gaboury

Dr. Mario Gaboury