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Work Order Request Portal

The University of New Haven uses a university-wide Support Services work order portal system for all staff and faculty.

The system allows you to generate work order requests for different departments in one, easy to use, consistent location.You can access the portal from both inside or outside the campus network at:

Submit Work Order
Please Note: Facilities and maintenance requests should be submitted through the Facilities Work Order system. Click here for more details.

Features of the Support Services System

Each department's portal is managed by a queue (or possibly multiple queues) that includes the following features:

  • Web or email-based submission of requests.
  • Automatic email back to requester with ticket number, to which you can reply, to add additional information.
  • Automatic emails to requester if any status, comment or resolution is added by a ticket manager.
  • Ability to create processes: multiple work orders from one request (even across different departments).
  • A single place to view all your requests, even across multiple departments.
  • User can see comments and status of work order at any time.
  • Temporary queues for special projects.
  • Customer satisfaction survey after your ticket is closed.

Available Work Order Queues

This portal supports work order requests for the following departments:

  • Duplicating Center: "Duplicating Request" (log into support services to start a request)
  • Media Services: "Audio/Visual Request" (
  • Marketing and Enrollment Communications - Website, Bulk Email, Online Marketing: "Marketing Services Web Request" (
  • Marketing and Enrollment Communications - Printed Materials, Logos, Advertising: "Marketing Services Publication/Advertising Request" (
  • Office of Information Technology: “Technical Support Request” (
    • OIT: “Adjunct Account Request”– Please use this form to request a network account/email address for a new Adjunct
    • OIT: “Network Account Change Form”– Please use this form if anything related to your network account or directory listing needs to be changed
    • OIT: “New Full Time Employee”– Please complete this form for any new hire, faculty or staff. Note: this form will automatically generate other work orders for PC, parking, Banner, etc
    • OIT: “Non-Employee Account Request”– Please use this form for any other account requests
  • Office of the University Registrar - Changes to the Academic Catalogs: "Catalog Change Request" (log into support services to start a request)

Instructions for Submitting a Work Order

  • Login with your existing UNH account and password to begin using the Support Services system. 
  • After signing in, select the UNH Work Order Portal tab.
  • To generate a new request, click on the "New" button.
  • Select either a queue under the "Ticket" menu or an Account Form under the "Account Form" menu and fill in as much specific information as you can. 
  • Your open and closed tickets, from any queue, will remain visible on the UNH Work Order Portal tab.
  • Alternately, for work order queues that accept email submission, you may simply send an email to the appropriate address (see list below). 
    • Please note that some queues require more specific information and fields to be filled out, and you may be prompted to login to provide follow-up information.