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Commuting Options

A letter to the campus community from
Bill Leete, special assistant to the President:

I would like to update you on the progress of the Campus Transportation and Parking Task Force. Established by President Kaplan in late August to offer solutions for the University's parking and transportation challenges, the Task Force has moved quickly to solicit campus opinion and develop strategies.

Our research found that NuRide and Easy Street are great money saving options for UNH employees. NuRide, a ride network, rewards you whenever you share a ride to and from work. It is free and flexible. Easy Street is a statewide commuter van service. Please click the links above for more details on these programs.

While we have implemented all of our short-term strategies, detailed below, we continue to work on long-range options for the coming year that include validation of all employee and student parking permits and the possible acquisition of alternate parking.

Following is a summary of Task Force accomplishments.

  • Introduced alternative methods of commuting. Invited not-for-profit agencies, Rideworks and NuRide, to campus to discuss their programs.
  • Examined the campus transportation survey, solicited additional opinions from students, faculty, and staff and followed up on suggestions.
  • Placed signs in the windows of shuttle buses. More permanent signs have been ordered by the shuttle company.
  • Introduced an off-campus employee parking program, which offers car pooling or off-site parking at two lots. This program frees up 120 spaces each day, allowing enough parking for students and guests.
  • Researched uses and costs of the Zip Car program. Students are being surveyed regarding whether they would use this service.
  • Examined who is designated to park in which lots and was able to adjust parking to suit this year's challenges. Staff designated to park on campus can now also do so in commuter lots.
  • Distributed updated parking maps.
  • Distributed a list that noted when, and in which lots, parking spaces should be available. 
  • Distributed a list of frequently asked parking questions.
  • Conducted an assessment of current signage for lots and buildings and made recommendations for new signs. Signs that were needed immediately were purchased. Others are on hold pending budget considerations.   
  • Provided a task force team of volunteers to direct graduate students to buildings and parking lots, assuring them a smooth transition to UNH.
  • Marked the walking route that leads to the Winchester Lot.
  • Hired a security guard to patrol walking route to the Winchester Lot.
  • Developed a system to alert graduate students when Kaplan and the Library lots are full.
  • Analyzed shuttle routes and costs and made improvements in service.
  • Researched tax implications of charging for parking or van pools. Discovered funds can be taken out of pay before it is taxed.
  • Determined new method for individual guest parking. Guests are now directed to Campus Police for individual passes.
  • Recommended possible changes in campus traffic flow, such as one way traffic in the Kaplan Lot.
  • Recommended swapping the commuter lot and resident lot for the convenience of both groups.
  • Moved off-campus staff parking from Dadds Lot and the North Campus Lot to make it more convenient.

Thank you for your patience during this time. Please contact me with your parking suggestions, as the committee will continue to work through the spring semester.

Bill Leete