Tuscany Campus Study Abroad Myths

MYTH: I cannot study abroad because I will not graduate on time.

FACT: With proper planning the majority of students can study abroad for an entire semester. Many core courses are offered at the University of New Haven's Tuscany Campus and it is easy to talk to your academic advisor to see which classes will work for you. Click here for a list of course offerings.

MYTH: I cannot study abroad because I have never been to a foreign country.

FACT: You will not be the only one! For many students, participating in the Tuscany program is their first time going abroad for 4 months without friends and family. Tuscany Campus staff are there to support you throughout the entire process- from getting you through orientation to helping you navigate the city and learn some Italian customs along the way.

MYTH: I cannot afford to study abroad because it is expensive.

FACT: The University of New Haven's Tuscany Campus costs the same a semester as a resident student at the University of New Haven's home campus. You have access to the same University of New Haven and federal financial aid. The only additional cost to you is a round-trip airfare and spending money. Meals and excursions to several cities in Tuscany such as Siena, Lucca and Pisa are included in the cost of the tuition.

MYTH: I cannot study abroad in Italy because I do not know Italian.

FACT: You do not need to have any knowledge of the Italian language to study abroad at the Tuscany Campus. All students are required to take Italian while you are there to help you get around. In addition, you will find many English speakers in Italy, especially in Florence.

MYTH: I have a special diet and therefore cannot study abroad.

FACT : The meal plan at University of New Haven's Tuscany Campus gives you meal vouchers to eat at a variety of restaurants in Prato. Many of these restaurants will work with you to make food that will fit your dietary needs. If you have dietary concerns or restrictions, you should talk to the staff in the Study Abroad Office so they can help you prepare for the semester abroad and work with the staff in Tuscany to prepare for your arrival.

MYTH: It is expensive to live and travel around Europe.

FACT : All your living expenses are included in the cost of the program, so it should not cost you anymore to live in Europe than in Connecticut. Traveling around Europe is quite inexpensive. Plan trips in advance and you can find great deals. There are low cost airlines and train fares. There are safe and clean hostels that only cost €10-€30 a night. Hotel arrangements range from private rooms to rooms with many bunk beds. There are all female, all male, and mixed rooms. Many places offer student discounts on attractions as well.

MYTH: I cannot study abroad because I cannot leave friends and family for an entire semester.

FACT: For many study abroad alumni the semester they studied abroad was their favorite semester of college. You may be worried about what you are missing out on at home during the semester, however in reality, you are too busy experiencing new and exciting things to really notice. The opportunity to live abroad is one that isn’t available to most people except during college and therefore is an opportunity not to be missed! With technology today there are limitless ways to stay connected to life back home. The memories you make abroad will last a lifetime and when you return you will have so many fun stories to share with friends.

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